This Excel plug-in (add-in) allows you to manage large volumes of data very quickly and efficiently. You can sort your prospects by grade, and then export prospect lists by grade for use in your email tool. It also keeps an organized history of your interactions with your prospects. Please refer to the book, Feed The Startup Beast, for full instructions. Note that this plug-in only works on the Engagement Spreadsheet (also available on this site).
Feed The Startup Beast References
Page 114, 117-122, 228-229, 231, 239-240, 267-268, 300
Tool Download (right-click and "save as...")

The Beast PC Plug-In 07
(.zip file containing .XLAM for PC Excel 2007 and later - 173KB)
The Beast Mac Plug-In 11
(.zip file containing .XLAM for Excel for Mac 2011 - 173KB)
The Beast PC Plug-In 03
(.zip file containing .XLA for PC Excel 2003 and earlier - 155KB)